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Without any help at all, Taryn has eyes that draw you in and just about knock you out!  So when you add a little makeup and splash some sequins on, you get breath-taking glamour.

Taryn // Modern Glamour

Taryn was nice enough to share a few words on her experience being photographed by us:

It was so great to have my hair and makeup done on site, so all I had to do to get ready was pack up my things and head to the studio! So much less stress that way, and I didn’t have to worry at all about making myself look my best. I left that all up to Dina!  I’ve never been so relaxed for a photoshoot!

Fairfax portrait photographerWe tried some poses during the shoot that felt a little odd, but it turned out to be very purposeful to get the right shot. If there is something I want in a photographer, it’s the reminding to move just so to make sure I get the most flattering shot!  And they were right; the pictures turned out beautifully!

Washington DC glamour photographyUltimately, the best part of the shoot was how gorgeous I felt all day!  Dina made me look like the goddess version of myself, and then I got to dress up in beautiful clothes and as we took the pictures, I had the girls telling me how great I looked and how great the pictures were looking!  I never hear that from my kids! Haha!

Fine Art Portraits

For a stay at home mom who wears yoga pants more often than not, doing this photoshoot was the most fun I’ve had in ages!  I have never felt better or more gorgeous!  I can’t wait to do it again!

Fine Art Photography

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Studio Assistant for Authentic Portrait, Amy graduated with a degree in communication and concentration in journalism from George Mason University. She minored in photography and film and media studies, and she loves to shoot videos.
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