Family Photography


All of a sudden the house was silent…

No pattering feet,

No princesses prancing around the kitchen in high heels and tutus

No heartfelt singing and drums banging

No clinking of pots and pans in the playroom kitchen…

OH NO!  Like every good mom, I knew the silence I had enjoyed for the past few minutes as I made dinner probably wasn’t good!  As I rushed out of the kitchen wiping my wet, onion-scented hands on my jeans, I ran around the corner expecting to find them playing in the toilet or quietly applying my make-up to every surface of their bodies and walls as happens all too often, but instead THIS is what I found:

va childrens photographer

It stole my breath and brought me to a complete halt.

In the chaos of life, I am totally guilty of missing these little moments…and this photo has come to mean to world to me.  My girlies are growing so fast I can hardly keep up with the shoe bin and the 500 questions a day, and I do not want to forget all the sweet cuddles, belly laughs, couch jumping, hide-and-go-seek season of life.

I dare you:

Write a list of these moments – the little things they love, and their quirky little habits.  Then let me photograph those for you.  Whether its the oversized cowboy boots that your son REFUSES to take off or your daughter’s Minnie Mouse phone that she always carries…let us capture the now for you.  This precious, imperfect now in your life because…

it will be gone in the blink of an eye.

And you won’t want to forget. 🙂

fairfax childrens photographer

Let us design a custom family photography session for you.  It can be a real life, in-home session of your family doing your favorite things at home, or we can schedule a shoot in a dreamy location and plan a shoot with golden light, adorable outfits (that are certain to be muddy by the end) and glowing smiles.

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