I have a little superhero…


He loves hot chocolate,

counts everything,

and is the best cuddle bug of all time.

He is my youngest child, Moses.

washington dc family photographer

I remember turning the handle of the glossy orange door of the Brooklyn brownstone we stayed in for the weekend, walking in, admiring the aged, exposed brick walls, and bright light pouring through the windows.  I could hear my kids jumping on the beds, and I went in to stop them – but when I entered their room, I ended up reaching for my camera instead.

My youngest two had abandoned SpongeBob.

  At 3 and 8, they are the best of friends right now.  Inseparable during non-school hours.

I got them to settle down for just long enough to capture this shot.

It takes my breath away.

I dare you:

Write a list of these moments – the little things they do

I beg of you…

capture this season of life,

or they will be forever be forgotten.

Kiss them goodbye…

family photography dc flash 2

They’re gone in a flash.

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