How to Look Gorgeous In Photographs: Free Guide

News, magazine racks, social media, even cell phone ads – you see them everywhere – celebs always looking their best.  They must be super human, right?  I mean how do they look gorgeous in photographs allllll the time?

Oh, they “must have this great hair & makeup team always on standby behind the scenes,” you say?

Not exactly.

If you’re wondering how the celebs do it, you’re not alone.  The truth is that they’re trained to know HOW to look gorgeous in photographs.

You can too.  Check it out:

How To Look Gorgeous In Photographs: FREE Guide

How to Look Gorgeous in Photos

In this free guide, you’ll learn:

  • The most flattering poses for the camera regardless of your body type
  • How to use the best light when having your picture taken
  • How using the right makeup matters when taking a good image
  • Wardrobe do’s and don’ts to look your best

->  You’ll also see before & afters of some of my clients and how we utilized the above points to make them look gorgeous in photographs.

->  You’ll see diagrams of how lighting helped us take a gorgeous photograph.

->  You’ll get a posing checklist so that you can mentally check everything off before having your photograph taken.

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