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One year ago this month, my husband Josue and I packed our bags and headed to France for a little over a week.  We had dreamed for years of traveling to Europe together, and it was finally happening!  We love to travel and met while we were both living in Costa Rica; adventure is in our blood and getting to experience new places together is something we treasure.  My family took our oldest daughter to Kentucky for the week (she was in heaven with cousins and grandparents spoiling her) and we brought our youngest Lydia with us.

Galans in Paris // Travel Photography

Since this trip meant so much to us, I knew as soon as we planned it that I wanted my friend Katie to photograph us while there.  We met years before at a small conference for creative entrepreneurs while she was still living in Australia and just thinking of making the big move to Paris!

The photo session was a dream and these images mean so much to me.  Sure, it meant waking up insanely early (while on vacation and jetlagged), packing fancy clothes and shooting in the rain…but even so, it was so so worth it.  I mean look at these!

and yes, my kids most definitely cry during photo shoots too… I promise it isn’t just yours! 😉

also, how amazing is that sad lip!?




We were (and are) in a crazy season of life with lots of many moving pieces, time commitments, small children, small business, adoption paperwork, home repairs etc. and we knew we needed this trip to be a break, with very little itinerary.

I found the very best B&B in all of France and we spent the first half of our trip sleeping in (as much as baby allowed), having spectacular brunches at the B&B (homemade jams! fresh baguettes! hand-squeezed juice! NUTELLA!), then heading out for day trips to castles and wineries.  Oh yeah, and we didn’t work.  Let me repeat that…WE DIDN’T WORK…the entire time.  As a small business owner married to a telecom guy, we are pretty much always checking e-mails and taking quick phone calls…for this trip we completely disconnected and man was it good.

The best shoes I own…and also amazing for travel. 

the darling B&B…we were in the top right room.

The second half of the trip we were in Paris, in a tiny flat in the very center of town.  My best friend who has spent much of her life living and traveling to Paris made us a pretty sweet to do / to eat / to visit list and it was perfect.  We walked everywhere, ate tons of crepes and visited one beautiful spot after another.

All in all the trip was a gift and totally exceeded our expectations!  Now to get the next one on the books… 🙂

OH! And if you love any of those France images, you can buy them in our print shop coming soon and hang them on your walls!

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Owner of Authentic Portrait, Susannah is a boudoir and portrait photographer who is passionate about creating beautiful and honest photographs of her clients drawing from her experience in editorial photography and journalism.
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