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A few weeks ago I got to spend a whole afternoon with this beautiful girl and her mama for her tween photoshoot.  After a little while in hair and make-up, we pulled out the camera and I got to work!

Maya // Tween Photoshoot

Tween PhotoshootThough I’m pretty sure her deep brown eyes and perfect smile did most of the work!DC Tween PhotosI love photographing kids this age.  Kids in the “inbeTWEEN”.  There still posses a child-like innocence and kind of vulnerability that is so sweet and beautiful.  Yet there’s a sense that they are growing, beginning to see the world in a new way, and trying to find their place in it.

DC Tween PhotographyThis girl seems to have it together.  Figured out.  I kept thinking to myself how amazingly confident she seemed for this season of life…only to find out later from her sweet mama that she was so nervous!  Tween Photos

I remember my mom taking me to do a shoot when I was this age and I was SO nervous too.  But I loved…LOVED the photographs.  I felt empowered, beautiful, and excited to that those beautiful images were of me!  That’s our hope with these sessions…to give your kid, especially at this crazy tough age, the tools to see themselves as the wonderful, beautiful kid you see in them.

Lovely Maya, thanks for sharing your beautiful smile with me and allowing me to capture a bit of you!

-STween Photography

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Owner of Authentic Portrait, Susannah is a boudoir and portrait photographer who is passionate about creating beautiful and honest photographs of her clients drawing from her experience in editorial photography and journalism.
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