It’s the nostalgia…


when you flip through your mom’s box of photographs.  The story that reads as if you were there.  Walking into the room, your mom gently takes the print out of your hands and fills in the storyline, gently pressing her fingertips against her long, styled hair in her own photograph.

Will you share the same experience with your loved ones?


 It’s a story only you can tell


and one that we preserve through printed photographs.


It’s for you.  It’s for them…


YOU are the storyline.  We’re putting the spotlight on you: beautiful wardrobe styling, the model for a day experience, fully posed & guided session, complete with hair & makeup, velvety soft printed images.


“I absolutely LOVE my pictures and the entire photo shoot experience! Amanda and her team did such a great job!” – Jenn K.


You’re thinking…


I don’t know how to pose.  NO ONE does – that’s why we pose you, and we’re trained in how to flatter ALL women’s body types.

I don’t know what to wear.  We’ll help you.  First we’ll discuss what you want your images to look & feel like, then we’ll help you narrow down the perfect wardrobe.

I think I need to lose weight first.  WRONG.  Like we said, we’ll make you look your absolute best, and you deserve to exist in photos RIGHT NOW.

 Where will I put photos of me?  Everywhere!  We’ve had clients put gorgeous art canvases above their bed (or even paired with an art photo of him), in the living room, bathroom, or hallway.

Why should I hang photos of myself?  Because you deserve to wake up and see yourself at your very best – every. single. day.  It’s encouraging and inspiring, and it reminds us to work hard and be better people.  AND if you have kids, you’re showing them that you value YOU.  After all, you are your kid'(s) example.  How will they value themselves if you can’t value yourself by example?


“More than I could have ever asked for! I am SO HAPPY with my photos.” – Heather S.


How it works:

  1. Book. Decide on a date for your session, sign your contract, and pay your session fee.
  2. Consultation.  This happens about a week or two before your session.  We’ll discuss your hopes for your session and what you envision for your images, then chat about how to prepare, go over wardrobe, and how to arrive at the studio.
  3. Shoot!  Your shoot day arrives.  You’ll spend about an hour to an hour and a half in hair & makeup.  Then we’ll spend about 1-3 hours changing into various outfits and working through poses (remember, we pose you so you don’t stress about it!).
  4. Sales Session.  About a week after your session, you’ll come back to the studio to view & purchase your edited images You’ll only order the images that you love – we have no minimum purchase amount!


Are you Ready?


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