What to Wear for Your Boudoir Shoot & What to Leave at Home // Washington DC Boudoir Photographer

Washington DC Boudoir Photographer // What to Wear for your boudoir shoot

Whether your toying with the idea of a boudoir shoot or have one booked for later this week (last minute, maybe?), here are a few things I’ve learned over the past 7 years of photographing boudoir that will help you feel confident in your outfits!

(and I’m going to skip right past the basics here…a gorgeous, unique bra and panty set, and pair of sexy high heels goes without saying, right?)

What to bring:

1. A one of a kind, super sexy robe.  And before you even think it, I’m most definitely not talking about your fuzzy bathrobe or even your jersey knee-length robe.  I’m talking about a statement robe.  Something that makes you feel like a million bucks; like a moviestar.  When you come for the shoot, you can even slip into that robe for hair and make-up and just that alone will give you that feel and taste of luxury…THEN we can photograph in it too.  Win/win.  A few of our favorites here and here.

2.  A pair of beautiful, classic stud earrings.  I know that sounds odd…boudoir is supposed to be a statement, right?  By all means, bring along some fun chunky necklaces and bold, funky earrings.  But also bring a pair of basic studs…they could be pearls or diamonds, or whatever your favorite studs are.  I’ve found that in any laying down photographs, earrings can fall back and be distracting from the image (and a bit uncomfortable for you too!).  You’ll want these for simpler more casual looks as well (off the shoulder sweater and boyshorts, look, anyone?).

bridal boudoir

3.  A bodysuit.  Have you seen those?  They look like the more modern, more sexy take of a one piece swimsuit!  There are so many different kinds, and they can be incredibly flattering!  If you are self conscious about your midsection, these are a great way to hide it; just be sure to look for one with a seam or support under the bust to help lengthen your torso and support your bust!  Generally speaking, the nicer the bodysuit you purchase, the more likely you are to love it.  Many of the nicer ones have thicker material that holds and flatters all sizes beautifully!

what to wear for your boudoir shoot


What to leave at home:

  1. Anything with a sheen.  Look closely at the fabric of your wardrobe to see how and if it reflects light.  You do not want a material that appears shiny as it can reflect poorly in photographs and can accentuate curves that we do not want to accentuate.
  2. G-strings.  If you are looking for a thong that will photograph well, try for something either with multiple thicker straps like this one, a high vintage waist like this one, or a single thicker strap.  It will shape your behind well, and keep from any unwanted bumps around straps.  Cheeky panties have been a boudoir favorite for a long time because of how they hug the hips, and still make your derriere look good!

A lot of women have a boudoir session done as a gift to their man (and whoa, it IS an amazing gift).  If you are one of those, I have one more tip for you!  Don’t pack for him.  I know, you know what he likes and think wearing his shirt would be so cute, and yes we have done that but what I’ve found is that the very best photographs, and my client’s very favorite images are always in the outfits they chose because they loved them.  He won’t know the difference, nor miss a single thing when you hand him your album of gorgeous images (full of photographs and wardrobe that you love too)!

Fairfax boudoir photographer

If you found this helpful, we have an  ENTIRE GUIDE that we have put together with details about how to select the best lingerie for your body type!  You can grab that free download right here!

Tell us what you are loving right now in the comments!  We are always looking for fresh inspiration!


Need more inspiration?  Check out our “What to Wear for Boudoir” page on Pinterest.

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